Genetically Designed versus Effort in dieting

Body types in dieting or weight loss


We would ask ourselves why it is easy for a lot of people to maintain their desired weight and still be able to enjoy the foods others are avoiding. Some people just do not make any effort. Unfortunately, for some people, it is not as simple as licking an ice cream and nothing happens. Some people have to struggle and that is always a question we want to find answers for.

There are valid reasons for this scenario. Some people inherit what they call good genes. These people have faster metabolism compared to others. Even though they would eat a lot, their bodies can still metabolize foods they take in and maintain their weight. That is partly true.

However, some researches show that metabolism is not the only reason for differences in metabolism of food. Study reveals only 50% of obesity is to be blamed with heredity. The remaining number lies on our habits. This means something important.

It means that for most of us who were not gifted by good genes can actually do it as long as we have this determination. It also means that we need to change the way we view life and the way we go about it. We must change our ways of eating, our lifestyle and must have a control over our weight. Sometimes, we are frustrated because we cannot stick to our original plans and we break the rule in the middle of what we already have started.

The Best Diet

Kathy, Florida

“I heard about the south beach my friends have tried and they got better results. When it was my time to do the plan, I did not see the results right away and when I saw the results, it was even not as better as what my friends have accomplished. I was so frustrated that I switch to a different diet I thought is much better than south beach. I ended up having the same frustration.”